How to Install Driveway Lighting?

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Installing driveway lights is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, if you have right tools, knowledge and information then you can easily complete this task in a very short period of time. The degree of complexity involved in installing driveway lighting may depend upon the layout of the area, distribution of the lights and some other factors. This article will provide you an insight on how to install driveway lights and will make you aware of some important factors that you should keep in mind before installing these lights.

The first and foremost step in installing these lights is, conducting a survey. It is important to know the terrain conditions and the topography of the area, which can only be determined with the help of a survey. It is not that you will need a very high detailed map of the area but it is essential that you have a drive to scale map. Once you have the map showing various ground features, you have to then decide about the source of electricity. For this, it is advised that you take help of an electrician to confirm whether the present electricity load will be able to bear the load of driveway lighting or not. In case it is unable to bear the load then you should make arrangement for alternate source of electricity.

Check out below a new installation of driveway lights with a remote control demo, very cool.

The third step in installing driveway lights is the placement of these lights. It is not that you place them randomly. They should be placed strategically, so as to give the best light effects. Even though placement of these lights is not a science or an art, but you should keep in mind some rules while installing them. For every double headed driveway light you should keep a distance of about 8-10 meters between two consecutive lights. Also, try to keep the cables of the lights on one side of the driveway as it helps in saving money. A junction box or a precast manhole will also be required to complete the setup. A junction box will be required for each light. For digging trench and installing driveway lights you have to take help of professionals. It is important to install them properly and safely, in order to avoid any accidents. A new trend that has recently emerged in driveway lighting is the use of photo sensitive cells. These cells automatically adjusts the intensity of light according to the intensity of natural light available.

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Choosing The Right Kind Of Driveway Lighting

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All sorts of different lights exist to mount outside of your home. There are many intriguing lighting schemes that are great designs for outside of your home around your driveway. Let’s take a look at some of the options for driveway lighting.

The most common method is to install post lighting (or pole lights) right on the edge of the driveway, but not into the yard area. How will you power your driveway lights? Select from many options like solar-powered, regular AC and also lower-voltage lights for more energy efficiency. If you want to save money from your power bills, definitely go with the solar design. It won’t really limit your options on which designs you can choose.

Solar lighting is the most cost-effective and power saving, because the sun powers them up all day, and at night the power is used to light your driveway area. Additionally, you can go with the lower-voltage light option, in case you live in an area where there isn’t much sunlight, making it difficult to generate electricity to store for nighttime use. Low-voltage lights are easy to setup for the homeowner because they come packaged with everything you need for ease of installation. They even come with the proper transformer.

driveway lighting

Lights on the edge of a large driveway

Plus with low-voltage lights you don’t have be concerned about getting shocked when repairing or working on the lights for any reason. Typically you can either install the lights just outside the edge of the driveway, or also directly into the asphalt, concrete or gravel in your driveway. If installing your lights directly into the driveway itself, you will have to cut out small sections on the edges, so make sure you have the right equipment or help with this. Usually lighting is placed just outside the edges of one’s driveway, but you can place them anywhere that you’d like.

Driveway lights aren’t designed for making an area well light, they are used to great a gentle lighting effect that also makes it light enough to see for driving up to your house or garage. If you want bright outdoor lighting, you should consider outdoor flood lights.
When it come to designs, there are many kinks of lights to pick from.

Most driveway lighting isn’t that expensive, and you shouldn’t need help from an installer, unless you want recessed designs. So it’s easy to install them on your own.

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